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"a family of physicians"

Dr. Charles William Lowney has been an integral part of the Hyde Park community for over forty years.  In 1974, Dr. Lowney and his wife, Irene, brought accessible health care to Hyde Park when they bought a burned-out furniture store in

Cleary Square and renovated it into the Lowney Medical Building.  In addition to the primary care his Lowney Medical Associates office provides, Dr. Lowney brought medical specialists from all areas of practice to Hyde Park.

Dr. Lowney has treated thousands of patients over the years.  He has the special gift of making every patient feel special and important.  His patients know he truly cares for them, not just as their doctor, but as a trusted friend.  

Dr. Lowney built a reputation as the doctor who saves lives by paying attention to details other doctors might miss.  He is the doctor with the sense of humor who can make his patients laugh no matter what the ailment.  Most importantly, he brings his patients into his life as his friends and truly cares for them.

His loyal following of patients continued into the next generations, as today the children and grandchildren of patients treat with him.  Many of his patients travel to see him not just from cities away, but from other states and even other countries.  It is not easy to find a doctor like Dr. Lowney.

Lowney Medical Associates is truly a family practice.  Dr. Lowney’s wife, Irene, managed the office since its inception while raising eight children at home.  Her involvement and value in the practice and in the community are legendary.  Upon her passing, the City of Boston re-named the street adjacent to the practice "Irene Lowney Lane" in her honor.  Keeping the family close, Dr. Lowney’s current office manager is his daughter, Irene Esdale.  Dr. Lowney became better known to his patients as “Dr. Charles” when his sons “Dr. Jay” and “Dr. Mike” followed in his footsteps and joined the practice.  

Dr. Lowney is devoted to charity and the betterment of the community.  He and Irene organized a designer’s showcase to raise money for Muscular Dystrophy.  He has been a member of the Hyde Park Board of Trade for decades.  His family has traveled to Haiti to personally provide medical services to the poor, and Dr. Lowney has donated thousands of dollars to help families in Haiti.  Dr. Lowney was honored this year by the Haitian community when he was presented the “You Make a Difference” award at a sold out Strand Theatre in Dorchester during the Haitian Festival organized by the Youth and Family Enrichment Services (YoFES).  Dr. Lowney hosts the YoFES home in his building, where hundreds of inner city students have learned to play musical instruments.

Dr. Lowney is the former president of the Osteopathic Foundation, and former president and chairman of the board of the Massachusetts Hospital of Osteopathic Medicine. He founded the Medical-Psychiatry ward at the Massachusetts Osteopathic Hospital, was co-founder of the Podiatric department, and was chair of the Obstetrics department. 

His accomplishments are many, and his contributions to the community are constant and enduring, but above all he prides himself on being a family man, who loved his wife, Irene, with his whole heart.  He continues to be “The Best” dad to his eight children, and as “Papa” is a role model and best friend to his twenty-seven grandchildren. 

Recent Awards

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Our legacy

"To honor a lifetime of charity and dedication to the Hyde Park community, Mayor Walsh and Councilor McCarthy dedicate the remainder of

Winthrop Street to the memory of Irene Lowney."

Boston City TV

Lowney Lane Dedication Ceremony

Lowney Lane Dedication Ceremony

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